Saturday April 28 Auction



10:00 A.M.

Auction will be held in Kenwood Hall at the Saline Co. Expo 900 Greeley in Salina, Ks.


Guns sell at 10:00 a.m.

Winchester 62A-22 VG;  Winchester 62A-22 G;  Winchester 1906 22;  Winchester 1906 22 rare 1890 receiver;  Winchester 1890 22 short;  Ruger 1022 auto Red Dot sight;  Remington Sport Master 22 bolt tube;  Remington model 38 22 bolt tube;  Topper 20 ga 55;  Ithica model 37 featherweight 20 ga. vint rib;  Mossberg 410 bolt;  98 Mauser 1909 Argentino 30-06 bishop stock;  93 Mauser 7mm;  Norinco SKS 7.62x39;  gun case; amo inc.: 7.62x39; 33-30; 410; uMM Mauser; 30-06; 303 Brit; US Civil War bayonet; SKS magazine 762x39; bullets: 308; 7MM 284 BT; Pacific loading press; dies 30-06 385P, 7MM Mauser; powder measure set; powder 4895; large rifle primer; rifle cleaning set; Bear bow; wood fishing lures; fishing rods; hunting knives;   




Cast iron inc: Griswold (10-3; 5-3; 10-9; 5-8; 3-3; 8-5; 9-8; 10: Wagner 0, 6: other cast iron skillets (8, 10, large 10; corn bread pan; corn ear); Griswold 2 rollover waffle, muffin, griddle, roaster 9 w/lid, 8 w/lid; Chicago Cutlery knives; stainless steel; Enterprise cherry pitter; other pitters; apple peeler; several food grinders; set sterling flat ware; 6 sets plate flatware; wall coffee grinder; horse shoes; 10 quilts; assortment linens; 8 wall & mantel clocks; assortment pictures inc.: Lone Wolf; perfume bottles; figurines; head vases; covered turkeys; Delft; set wheat plates; Jewell T pieces; clown figures; vases; large assortment of glass; 60s floor lamp; bronze Bronco figure; walnut organ; kerosene lamps; folding bevel mirror; kerosene lamps; crock water cooler; Crown 3 gal churn; Pittsburg 5 gal churn; mantel clocks; lard press; brass cane holder; canes; wooden tool chest;  granite coffee pots; baskets; photo album; viewer; Christmas decorations;  books inc.: Billy Whiskers; large Nut Cracker figure;   modern desk & chair;  sewing machine;  foot lockers; Orec vacuum; bread machine; other appliances; table lamps; Lifetime & Salad Master stainless steel pieces; large assortment of other collectables. 



Note:  This is a very large auction, with many boxes that have been packed for years, and dont know what is in them.  This is an individual collection from a long time collector.  Check our web site for pictures at


Auction Conducted By

Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC


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