Monday September 4 Auction




10:00 A.M.

Auction will be held in Kenwood Hall at the Saline Co. Expo 900 Greeley Salina, Kansas




42” iron “Joco” Stable Boy from Castle Station in Glen Elder, Ks. it has been there since 1926;  Johnson Gasoline gas pump; Skelly Supreme globe; Skelly Aromax globe; 4 Coke Cola vending machines (round top, Vendo H63a, Vendo V 132A, Cavalier CS 64C); Coca Cola chest dispenser; 60’s Coke fountain dispenser; candy machine;  Signs inc: Oliver Sales & Service; Allis Chalmers Parts Service; John Deere; IHC; Nyal Drugs neon; SODA: Kist; several Coca Cola; Refresh Yourself Coca Cola; fish tail Coke;  Coke buttons;  RC; Nesbitts; Orange Crush; Rock Spring Ginger Ale; Vernor’s Ginger Ale; Drink White Rock;  Richardson Root Beer; Hires Root Beer; Pepsi; King Kola; Dr. Pepper store signs; Sprite; 7UP menu board; Coke posters; Coke calendars; Jo-Mar ice cream; Legion &  Moore’s Ice Cream; Table Cream Bread; Butternut Crackers; Red & White Food; Hudson Essex Service (rough); Chevrolet cooler; Hopkins-Well So. Calif Auto Club (from Death Valley); Goodrich Tire Service Center w/hanger; Bell System flanged sign; Sinclair; Good Gulf; Socony; Citgo; Texaco; Valvoline; Tiolene Motor Oil; Firestone; Pennzoil; Cities Service; KM; Phillips lease; Sunco Grease; Mobil Oil skins; L & M;  motor vehicle leather sign; Semois Mijn Tabak; telephone cable sign; Armour Creamery; Kelvinator; Penton Sport Cycles; Wards Tire Values; City Limits Café; North American Van Line; Cessna; Valley Gold Dairy; Hy Grade ice cream menu board; Quaker Dairy & Hog feed;   Gooch’s Feeds;  Frigidaire; Dempster; Hodaka Motorcycle; Kool; Republic Natural Gas; National Red Stamps; Farmers Alliance Inc.; Centel Electric; Railway Express advertising; assortment of railroad signs; Red bed springs; REDA submersible pumps; I-H flour; Mayer Shoes; Barton’s salt; Mail Pouch Tobacco; Wild Root; Pinkerton’s security; Alemite Zerk; Burma Shave (repainted); Ambrosia Pure Milk Chocolate cover; Clocks inc: (Coke Cola, Dad’s Root Beer, Pepsi, 4’ Pepsi warehouse clock, St Joe Aspirin); Nesbitt grapefruit dispenser; large plastic Coke bottle holder; Oak cabinet; Niehoff wood storage bin; wood seed cabinet; Buster Brown display; Bruner Woolens display box; Delco rack; Mooneys Ice Cream board; American Salt Corp display board; Hood’s Sarsaparilla puzzle; New Post Toasties & Drink Postum string holder’s; 4 mannequins; Timex table & floor showcase; Brach’s counter display; Schick Shaver showcase; 5 head malt maker; thermometers (Nesbitts, Pepsi, RC, 7UP,  Orange Crush,  ice cream); 1950’s Pepsi advertising; traffic light; beer advertising inc.: Miller; Hamms;  Coors; Keystone; Schlitz; Sinclair light shade; White Ace stamp collection; Coke bottles; fire extinguishers; Kist 12 pack holder; green Chianti glass barrel Moberly, Mo;  4 qt. oil can; Pixie checker game; marble games; WTB Gordy 5 gal crock; US leather pouch; MK & T bucket; Peachey Plug cutters; plastic military items in original box; brass still parts; John Deere 4 legged tractor umbrella; ship lantern; 1932 ship compass; North Carolina bond coupons post Civil War; Champion Binder pamphlet; Champion Draw Cut Mower pamphlet; advertising key rings; watch fobs; tip trays (Hyroler whiskey, Green Stamps, other); Standard Oil pin back; Chicago Motor Club & Remember Pearl Harbor tag toppers; ½ pint lubster sign;  farming pictures; big little books;  wood mail drops; well pump; assortment of other good signs & collectables.


Note:  We have combined 5 collections to make a very quality large sign & advertising auction.  There are many good signs and advertising pieces.  Check our web site for pictures at


Auction Conducted By

Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC



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