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Saturday, May 25 & Sunday, May 26, 2024

10:00 A.M.

Auction will be held in Kenwood Hall at the Saline Co. Fairgrounds, 900 Greeley, Salina, KS.




Winchester 30 WCF model 94 lever action, octagon barrel (341293); Colt Lightning 38 octagon barrel (70372); Colt Lightning 22 octagon barrel w/tang sight (39832);  Winchester 94 saddle ring carbine lever action 32 WCF (414198); 73 Winchester 32 cal lever action w/dust cover (209877B);  model K15 270 Weatherby Kleinguenther magnum; Savage model 99 300 Savage (366269); LC Smith double barrel 12 ga.; Star SA 9mm pistol (B211599); Colt single action Army US 45 revolver (10331) matching numbers; 1856 Starr percussion revolver;  Royal Erfurt 1916 Naval luger 9mm; 1918 DVM 9mm Luger matching numbers; Springfield 1903 30-06 (23053) 2nd year production sporterized; 50+ BB guns inc: Daisy 107 Buck Jones Special; 195 Buzz Barton special; no. 25; Daisy 1000; many other Daisy; Daisy BB pistols; Crossman 140; Slavia 619; Benjman Franklin pellet gun; Springfield training rifle; German WWII knives; Swiss Army knife; pocket knives; Winchester bullet molds (45 gov, 38 WCF, 45-60, de primer); Colt 32 bullet mold;  scabbards; gun cases; Pacific  reloaders; gun cleaning rods; pistol grips; large assortment various cal. ammo;  45 ACP ammo; Remington & Winchester wooden boxes; Indian collectables; 2 pair western chaps; branding irons; bear skull; buffalo skull; pheasant; horns; Springfield tools; strong box; cast iron blue rock thrower




Mills 25 cent slot machine; Military uniforms, helmets & hats, American, Japanese, German; 300+ holsters US, Nazi, German, 1908 Colt holster, other; very large collection of medals, bars & other military patches American & German; police badges East & West German; German hat emblems; Japanese flight suit; German WW I & II packs; WWI ammo belts; arm bands; handcuffs; French sleeping bag; US snow shoes; German blankets; German commodity sack; Navy & Army blankets;  US Army signal flags; Civil War battlefield finds; gloves; high top boots; belt buckles; many cloth items; Army pillow tops; gloves; razors; mannequins; Buffalo Bill Cody statue; Airman statue;  The World Visualized box 1-6 viewer cards; Ruhlin Hardware ,Salina, bottle crock; Japanese WWII field cot; WWI signal flags; machetes; Boy Scout items; Big Bang carbide toy cannons; Lionel electric train; P51 signed model airplane; model airplanes; lead soldiers; erector set;  binoculars; pack saddle; field telephones; 2 wall telephones; assortment aircraft items; US Army horse bits numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6; Ideal powder drop; 1945 Gyro for airplane; American & German POW photos; Sherman tank M6 periscope; Wells Fargo receipt book; WWII Europe maps; Army film boxes; many cameras & camera equipment; parachute for supplies; very large collection of books, German & American; many military catalogues; Yank magazines; US silverware; Nazi coins; Chinese trunk; other trunks; US Air Force porcelain sign; yard long Army pictures; cowboy & Indian pictures; assortment pictures; airplane pictures; scrapbooks; Coleman lanterns & stoves; cigarette tins; lighters; pocket watches; Masonic pieces; railroad time tables & other items; pitcher pump; stock certificates; very large assortment of other collectables. 

Note: Both days will be big auctions. There is a very large amount of ammo both collectable and modern on Saturday. Sunday will be a large day also with many holsters, military uniforms, hats and other items. Keith collected for 60 years. This is a very quality collection. Cash, checks and credit/debit cards accepted as forms of payment. A 3% convenience fee will be added to credit/debit card transactions.





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